Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tips n Tricks: Comparing ships to ships

There are numerous charters and dive boats out there ranging anywhere from a two tank carry on to multiday live aboard trips. People have asked me before about my criteria for rating a dive trip and honestly there really is no simples or clean cut system because there are numerous things to consider.  The dive destination and sites the trip is headed for, as well as the distance and time need for travel. The various amenities the boat offer and the crew including the captain who is running the ship all play a role in how enjoyable the trip is.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tips n Tricks: Etiquettes of Vomit

Southern California is blessed, most of the time, with sunny warm weather. Lately, I feel like the weather has a vendetta against outdoor loving weekend warriors. Sunny and warm on the weekdays when people are stuck indoor at work, cold and wet on the weekend throwing a wet blanket on plans. I once try to strike a deal with Mother Nature and asked for rainy weekdays and dry sunny weekends. In exchange, I would plant a tree. That deal was not accepted. Since we had many weekends with rough water conditions at sea, seasickness more frequent. I think it is time we talk about something very sensitive, we are going to talk about the etiquettes of vomiting. Not everyone has the ability to hold and release their vomit on demand.