Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Testing the Intova Sport HD

There are a number of small compact sports camera out in the market these days. Contour, Swann Freestyle HD, and the GoPro just to name a few. So far it would appear GoPro has dominated the market for mini sport camera. Every diver appear to own or have a friend that owns one. As good as the GoPro is, it too has drawbacks.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Anacapa Island Aug 18, 2012

It completely slipped my mind that I should really be posting about my dives on this blog. I have been randomly scattering links for my dives all over Facebook, Youtube, and other random social media websites. This simplifies everything posting it here. I can also give my feedback as well. So going forward, I'm going to just list all the relevant links for that dive here on this blog. I will most likely provide some brief information about the dive and destination that was traveled. Less works for me, less links spammed out, more blog entries. A win for everyone.