Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Kids on the Blog

Welcome to the wonderful world of diving. Let us begin by stating that we are not professional divers or marine biologists’ just a group of friends and family who fell in love with the sport of diving and are on our way to worldwide dive adventures. We are based out of South Florida and Southern California and we look forward to bringing you our non-professional view of the SCUBA community.

We will feature dive sites that are reasonably priced for the frugal diver and vacationer so when you come to visit our lovely cities, you will know the do's & don’ts and ins & outs of dive spots which we hope will make your visit more enjoyable. In addition to local dive sites in the area we live in, we will also let you in on our travels where diving is not only a must but also and adventure. We know diving can get complicated so we will discuss the popular toys and technology available to you. We hope we can spark new interest to the dreamers, the beginners, and those who are just looking for a different twist to diving.

It is a new world right underneath our feet waiting to be explored and seen. We will be visiting, and interviewing various organizations who work hard for the survival and preservation of our oceans and the creatures that live in them and we hope this will enable you to find your niche community to join. We anticipate that along the way this will inspire your awareness for our underwater environment as well. Please join us in discovering and exploring new sites and having many exciting dive adventures!

Diveonauts DIVE!

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