Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Testing the flat lens at Shaws Cove

This is my first dive with my modded GoPro with the Mako flat lens. The quality was significantly better than before. The images and video quality came out so much better! This was the best $30 some dollars I've spent! So much less editing needed now. It is true that GoPro will release their own version of the flat lens around April and the price will be around $50 for a modified front housing.

I also could not have asked for a better day to go diving! The conditions at Shaws Cove were amazing. Warm moderate weather making it perfect for a lazy day at the beach! Plenty of families brought their kids to the beach, many of them running around the water line. Paddle boarders gliding across the surface everywhere because the ocean was calm as a lake! No tsunamis to brave heading into the water. The temperature of the water was pretty warm for late winter. It was a very comfortable dive with low surges and high visibility. Shaws Cove in the last few months had been a wondrous place. Starting with the humboldt squid run back in November of 2011. Even a curious baby grey whale came close to shore to check out divers. Sightings of mola mola, frog fish, and barracuda!

We did not see anything so extraordinary on our two tank dives but it was still a great dive! Check out the video below. We finished our dive and headed off to a local resturant to grub, what a great way to end the day! I will be posting more videos up soon from my dives at Santa Rosa/Santa Cruz.

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This is my first music video dive video!

Written by: Wayne Lu, Mar13, 2012

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