Sunday, June 10, 2012

Breakfast Underwater

My favorite meal of the day is BREAKFAST! Why you ask? Why breakfast? Because it's the meal I can have eggs in so many ways. Fried, sunnyside up, over easy, medium, poached, and scrambled. I would go ahead and venture that I make some of the best scrambled eggs. Don't believe me? Challenge me then to a cook off! Dare you. So what does this have to do with scuba? Not much really... except someone at Ocean Safari told me it was cool to crack an egg underwater. So guess what? We did!

Alan and I decided to trek out to Redondo Beach, CA to dive Veterans Park. You find different life hidden among the vast open sand. I once did see a group of California purple jelly fish which are unusual. Many people diver there at night to see the squid run! What's good about this place is once you enter Submarine Canyon, it drops off very fast and you can easily get to 100 ft if you like it deep.

For some reason, the canyon was silted up badly that day. When Alan and I got to the edge of the canyon, we saw an omnious dark cloud churning slowly... We had no choice, we came too far and cannot turn back! We plummeted into the darkness and kept going deeper. We finally stopped at 78 feet and decided it was time to have BREAKFAST!

We found a baby octopus and got it out for a little bit to get a good video of it. We then proceeded to crack the eggs. The pressure kept the eggs intact and it floated around. Physics in action. See the short video below!

Special thanks to Alan Hong for taking the raw videos on his GoPro used for this movie!
Written by: Wayne Lu, Jun 10, 2012

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