Sunday, June 17, 2012

Catch a shark by its tail...

Whenever I tell people one of my hobbies is diving, I am often asked... are you not afraid of sharks? Honest answer? Yes. I am afraid of sharks... the ones in movies with a vendetta against humans because someone did something to their habitat. But no, I am not exactly afraid of the sharks here in California waters. Respect them and leave them be if you do not want uninvited attention. Most animals are suspicious of you and are probably equally worried that you are going to hurt them as you are afraid they are going to hurt you.

Conditions that day were not the greatest at Divers Cove in Laguna Beach, CA... overcast, dreary, ominous. This dive spot is frequented often by soon to be scuba divers and other scuba students.The surf rolled in around 2-3 feet smacking the rocks that jutted out on the beach, thump, thump, thump. It must have been low tide since we can see the kelp forest churning with the waves. Since we were here; gear on and down into the cove! We went for the alternate entrance through Heisler Park. The visibility was not the best since the surges were kicking up a lot of debris, limiting visibility down to 15 feet or so. The current pushed us back and forth through out the dive. If you catch the current you can just ride it like a bird catching wind in its wing. Overall, it turned out to be a great dive with lots to see. The videos and picture strangely came out clearer than what we actually were seeing.

Now back to the sharks, we ran into a number of sharks on our dive and sometimes they can be rather friendly. I have seen people slowly lift a sleeping shark and let it rest in their hands without problems. One of the divers I was with that day tried to catch one and freaked it out! Well, if someone grabbed me in my sleep, I probably react very much the same way. Not recommended, do not try this on your own, remember respect.

Look for the hidden moray eel! You can also see more pictures of this dive on the link!
Written by: Wayne Lu, Jun 17, 2012

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